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9 sugar-free drink, snack and dessert recipes to:


Reduce bloating


Curb sugar cravings


Energize your body


Get glowing skin


Have more mental clarity

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9 Delicious, Plant Based and Healthy Recipes

Each recipe was designed with you in mind. We know it can be hard to stop eating sugar, so we created recipes that taste great and are easy to make!

Featuring Snacks, Drinks and Desserts

We covered each area where it can be tempting to reach for sweets in order to get an immediate boost of energy. These recipes will have you feeling revitalized and satisfied in no time!

Simple to Make, Easy to Take

These recipes are designed to be easy to make andĀ easy to take with you to enjoy throughout your day.


This one simple shift – away from refined sugar and into whole, plant based foods – can significantly change the way you feel. We’ve included a daily tracker as well as a guide on how to incorporate these into your daily life!

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