For Parents: Kids That Are Picky Eaters

By July 19, 2017 Kids

Parenting can be tough.

Some days, you’re lucky to get your kid’s shoes on the right feet, let alone preparing a healthy, home cooked meal.

Then, when you do have time for that, your picky eater won’t even try it!

Overcoming pickiness takes time and patience, but there are a few key tips that can help the process.

#1. Always offer

When you’re making dinner, always offer it to them, whether or not you think they’re going to say yes. They might say no a several times, but they’ll never have the opportunity to say yes unless it is offered.

#2. Involve them in the process

Have your kids help choose a new recipe to try and get them involved in the cooking process. Even having them help make a smoothie or bag of trail mix will make them invested in the final product.

#3. Make sure that your house is full of the healthy foods that you want your child to eat

Make sure to remove junk food on which they may have come to rely on. When they don’t want to eat what’s being offered, they can choose their own snack from the healthy options.

Kids will not starve themselves and will eventually find something to eat.

Perfection is unrealistic; you deserve kudos for your efforts to keep your children full of healthy foods.

Keep taking those small steps with each breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.

Keep up the good work and let us know how this has worked for you in the comments below!

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