The Secret to Lasting Weight Loss (and Health Success in General)

By July 18, 2017Mindset

There’s a difference between putting a bandaid on something and fixing the root of the problem.

This is true in anything – relationships, work, finances and most definitely with health.

Today, we’re finding that the bandaids, pills and quick fixes are failing us. Even if we get a quick solution, we’re not finding the lasting satisfaction. Something is still missing.

Thus, this post.

I need to have a quick heart to heart with you.

Losing weight, creating success with health and creating success in your ENTIRE life boils down to one thing.

And that one thing?

Is not counting calories,
Not about obsessing over working out,
And it certainly is not about beating the heck out of yourself EVEN more about where you’re at.

What it IS about?

Mindset + the energy you bring to life.

What you think about, you create.

Thoughts repeated become beliefs.

Beliefs have a physical effect on us. They release certain chemicals in the brain that cause an emotional response.

Together, emotions and belief’s govern our actions.

Our actions govern our lives.

It seems so simple doesn’t it?

It’s about both what you KNOW and then what you DO with that knowledge.

What you do with that knowledge is based on what you THINK over and over again.

Getting your thoughts under control means getting to have everything you want.

Mastery over the mind is the first, and most, important step.

Go get ‘um!

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